Medals for the CIIC2022 were presented to contestants present at IOI2022, in Indonesia. Click here to see the results of the CIIC2022.

About the OII

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The Ibero-American Olympiad in Informatics (OII) is an annual programming contest for young students enrolled in a secondary school from Ibero-American countries. Students compete on an individual basis, with up to fifteen students competing from each participating country. The competition has only one round, which happens around June-July each year, and is done online. Students are typically given four problems of algorithmic nature, which they have to solve in five hours.

OII was originally called Competencia Iberoamericana de Informática por Correspondencia (CIIC), and was created in 1998. The competition changed its name in 2017 to Competencia Iberoamericana de Informática e Computación (CIIC), and then in 2022 to Olimpiada Iberoamericana de Informática (OII).

The main goals of OII are:

  • Stimulate interest in informatics, computer science and information technology.
  • To promote the organisation of informatics competitions for students at schools for secondary education in Ibero-American countries.
  • To foster friendly international relationships among students and educators.
  • To challenge and give recognition to young people who are exceptionally talented in computer programming.